AS Afrikaans werkboek for 2022


Suitable for Students of Cambridge AS Level Afrikaans (8679).

Following requests by teachers and tutors the whole book is now updated in a new format for 2022.

The work is divided into 40 lessons and contains passages that are relevant to the topics prescribed for 2022, viz. Daily life, Food and beverages, Employment and unemployment, Social and economic development and The environment.


  • The new book will contain topics relevant to 2022 and will contain many more exercises similar to the exam questions.
  • It contains guidelines for teachers or home schoolers regarding the exam papers and how to approach each question. It also contains essays on the prescribed topics.
  • Each lesson further contains vocabulary, questions similar to those in the exam paper, a variety of language exercises, essay topics and appropriate exercises that equip the students for the examination.
  • The requirements for each paper is discussed and tips are also given to teachers / tutors. Each workbook also has a separate answer guide.
  • Students completing the A Level Afrikaans Language Cambridge examinations use the same information for Papers 2 and 3.

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